Sessions' MINUTES

January 14/01/2014
1. Planning a unit

1.1. basic materials
1.1.1Template for planning a Unit
1.1.2. Chosen Units and Curriculum
tempplate sequence.JPG

1.2. Our Unit Plan
1. European Union
2. Electricity:
3. Electricity_Leire:

  • activities related to investigating how much we spend on electricity and how to save it. Problems and possible alternative activities
    • problems to get state-schools’ bill on electricity (paid by the city council) to learn how to read and understand it. An alternative activity: “reading” the school electricity meter along a period of time and writing down the spent kilowatts in a table to calculate expenses. To find it, ask the school janitor.
    • To make accurate and scientific calculations, this research should be done in months with similar characteristics (winter months, with or without holidays…).
    • Making this campaign about the electricity spent at home, not at school, or change the way children have to do the research at school (what kind of electrical devices we use at school and how long we keep them on or in stand-by. How many kilowatts they spend per hour…). An interesting activity would be comparing how much electrical appliances spend according to their energy efficiency (A, B, C…):

4. Planning a trip to London
1.3. Resources for chosen units:
1. Electricity:

2. Other resources: to work on environmental awareness

1.4. Clarifying some concepts
1. general aims and Students’ outcomes: here you are some resources to help clarify both concepts.
1.5 Our CLIL section
We will start this section by revising some CLIL concepts and reading an article on Language support in CLIL .

1. revising CLIL concepts: It would be convenient to revise and fresh up the main concepts within a CLIL proposal
2. Today's reading:

1.7. Web 2.0: Peer work with Google Drive
As we are working together with shared Google Drive documents, this tutorial can help you . It was made for Basque teachers working on the process to build up a written text.

Google Drive: testua idazteko prozesuan