Sessions' MINUTES

October 1/10/2013 & 15/10/2013
1st & 2nd session PLANNING A CLIL UNIT
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0. Arrangement details
0.1. Enrolment Subject Seminar 1 Subject seminar 2 English coffee
0.2. Seminar info
- Calendar Seminar 1
- Proposals for units Seminar 1
0.3.Resources B08 Leioako Berritzegunea
- B08 Hirueletasuna
- Seminar's wiki

1. Main task: Planning a unit

1.1. materials to start with
1.1.1 Template for planning a Unit
1.1.2. Sequence of activities. Template
1.1.3. Chosen Units and Curriculum
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1.2. Previous considerations when choosing a unit:

Depending on the time you are allowed to teach the Subject in English, the number of sessions, if you have to teach all the contents from this Subject... you will have to plan a more thorough topic or just an aspect of it. So, before you start planning your unit, you will have to take the following into consideration:
  • What does the Curriculum say about that topic? (see Chosen Units and Curriculum)
  • How many sessions per week have we got to implement the unit?
  • Am I the only one teaching this topic to this group of children? Are my colleagues from other languages/subjects going to teach it?

Once you've got a whole clear picture you will decide what and how to teach it...
  • which aspects of the topic
  • what final product
  • intermediate activities
  • materials and support needed
  • ...
1.3. Elements to be taken into account
1.2.1. Setting up a task
1.2.2. Activities and strategies

1.4. Dealing with resources: bookmarking
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